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Enrich your life for FREE It's packed with voice directions, GPS satellite maps, superior local search/ratings/reviews, car finder, cheap gas finder, traffic, Google Maps, weather, news, video, movie, magazines, sports, cooking, finance, media and the power of tens of apps. LifeInPocket® is fast, powerful, easy to use, personalized and small in app size.

Gives BlackBerrys® the ultimate power to reign The only mobile application and services platform of its kind, LifeInPocket® paves the way ahead for the next generation of application and services by offering the power of hundreds of apps to empower BlackBerrys® with the ultimate position to reign. AppWorld

Find the cheapest gas BlackBerry® users can use GPS or an address to find the cheapest gas in the area, and then view the gas station on Google Maps and get driving directions.

LifeInPocket® for BlackBerry10 is released. You can download it from BlackBerrry World. LifeInPocket® for legacy devices is no longer available for download.

RoadComm, Inc. Unveils LifeInPocket® for BlackBerry 10®, An Enhanced App to Unseat iPhone®'s Leadership The new mobile phone application and cloud based service that adds more than the full-spectrum iPhone® features to BlackBerry® 10 phones, was released and available for download at BlackBerry World.
CUPERTINO, Calif., Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- RoadComm, Inc., a frontrunner in wireless Telematics and mobile technology, ...

LifeInPocketImageCross Network Push Messaging:
Accessible by Both Phone and PC

Let friends and family using same or different carriers know where you are at by sending Location Message (LM). They can use the GPS location/address to navigate to there, view map, search POIs (Point of Interest), restaurants or stores to meet and see traffic condition.
Use LM to socialize/have fun, for party invitation/personal safety, etc.

Worldwide GPS maps designed for local streets
  • Support TomTom navigation with voice directions
  • Offers easy to understand directions on map or by text
  • Provides comprehensive traffic layer on maps or satellite images
  • Gives you the ability to view local photos other users uploaded
  • Features long battery life
  • View/use Google Maps
  • Drag view point to see street view
  • Access BB contacts & more
  • About us: Founded in 1999 at the heart of Silicon Valley in Cupertino, California, RoadComm, Inc. is a technology leader in wireless Telematics technology serving enterprises and automotive industry. We introduced Telematics and enterprise grade technologies to consumers to enrich people lives after years of development.
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